The scripts used

  1. jQuery
  2. Isotope
  3. Fonts by Google Webfonts
  4. HTML5 Shiv
  5. Flexslider
  6. jQuery Masonry
  7. jflickrfeed
  8. Nicescroll
  9. colorbox
  10. hoverIntent
  11. Easing
  12. WordPress

All Icons credits

  1. Chevron designed by Sika Danh from the Noun Project
  2. Shopping Cart designed by Edward Boatman from the Noun Project
  3. User designed by Lisa Staudinger from the Noun Project
  4. Magnifying Glass designed by P.J. Onori from the Noun Project
  5. Cd designed by Chris Robinson from the Noun Project
  6. Camera designed by Kyle Mac from the Noun Project


All Pictures credits

  1. Photo Credit: kern.justin via Compfight cc
  2. Photo Credit: Victor1558 via Compfight cc
  3. Photo Credit: Victor1558 via Compfight cc
  4. Photo Credit: Victor1558 via Compfight cc
  5. Photo Credit: swisscan via Compfight cc
  6. Photo Credit: icatus via Compfight cc

If any resource is not allowed to use for commerice project, please contact me on, I will delete soon, thanks!